logo is an online audio-visual archive of Cornish history, culture and life. It was developed through Out of the Box, a Heritage Lottery funded pilot project.

It was created to help museums, heritage organisations and private collectors improve access to the film, audio and photographic heritage that they hold. The idea came from Azook’s Sense of Place initiative which set out to create and share learning resources amongst schools in Cornwall. The Sense of Place project discovered a host of superb audio-visual material but sharing them with schools was impractical, many were in formats used in previous decades e.g. cine film, reel to reel audio tape and glass plates. is constantly updated as the team of 20+ volunteers progress through the materials passed to Azook for digitisation.

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Donate to help improve is funded in many different ways – from the operational surplus of Azook, through to grants and donations. If you would like to support you can use the PayPal button below to make a donation.