Communities work better when they’re culturally confident.

Azook Community Interest Company is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to growing cultural confidence amongst Cornish communities by connecting people with their cultural heritage.

Visit our blog to find out what we have been up to. Find out about our appeal to digitise the Ted Gundry Collection.

Our current activities include:

Cornish Classroom
Explore all things ‘Cornish’ in your classroom. Sharing high quality learning materials to inspire teachers and learners.
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Cornish life as captured on camera and recorded on reel, from Victorian times to the present day. Thousands of memories made accessible for you.
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Cornish National Minority Consultancy
In 2014, the UK Government recognised Cornish people as a national minority. We help organisations, businesses and educators understand the implications for their operations, services and audiences. Find out more…

The Digitiser - a digitisation service based in Cornwall

The Digitiser
A digitisation service dedicated to converting your old media formats into digital files enabling you to watch, listen and share your content today and for generations to come.
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