Explore all things ‘Cornish’ in your classroom. Sharing high quality learning materials to inspire teachers and learners.

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What is Cornish Classroom?

Cornish Classroom is a resource designed to help you explore ‘all things Cornish’ with your learners.
The Cornish context is an incredible resource that can enrich learning for everyone.
We have brought together learning materials aim to help teachers share and access learning material that refers to ‘all things Cornish’.

Our approach is inclusive, creative and cross-curricular.
Our aim is to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to encounter the Cornish context in their education settings. For some young people this will mean connecting with their own experiences and identity. For some young people this will mean fostering an understanding of the experiences and identities of others.

Who is Cornish Classroom for?

We invite all educators within Cornwall and beyond to draw on our Cornish context. This resources is designed to support school teachers, home educators and practitioners across all settings.

Why visit Cornish Classroom?

In 2017, over half of young people in Cornwall self-identified as Cornish (Pupil Level Annual School Census, 2017) and many teachers are keen to explore Cornish content with their learners. Our findings show that practitioners are frustrated by the lack of available learning material. We develop and share high quality learning materials resources and guidance to meet this need.
In 2014, the UK Government recognised Cornish people as a national minority. This recognition has implications for providers of education to all learners, whether minority or majority audiences.

Who supports Cornish Classroom?

This website has been built with the support of a Creative Investment Grant from Cultivator: